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People :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

I see me :)

HYE . i wrote this because it is exactly how i feel about me and myself . about growing up . i have to grow up fast these days . its like go from a child to a teen in less than a year . the reason i wrote it is because i wish to warn others dont let people make you afraid be who you want to be =.=

we all tend to hide our trueself from the outside world in order to be accepted . we are never sure what we want to share and what we want to hide . but as we accept it we become more comfortable with ourselves and with other people . we constanly run from our weaknesses hoping that they will soon go AWAY ! but i have faced mine and realize i am anything but perfect in the world of savages =.=

: i live true to myself +__________+
: i do not allow the opinions of others to have more importance that my own +_______+
: and i live my original life +_________+

being true yourself :)

byebye XOXO , izyanhata :)

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