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People :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

a newestiest :)

iniIZYANFARZANAnorhata ,
yess , i ? me ? remaja ? some of your biggest chanllenges are with your parents . betoi ? *aku punn
we are beginning to separate from them and become more independent *sangat menyusahkan bagi kita dan mereka too~
we also at and ege when we begin to have different opinions , different priorities and different lifestyl:)

kehidupan is filled with tough stuff  :
 death , illness and other causes of human suffering are all the part of mylife 
*selalu susah , menyeramkann these are the situations thet produce the deppest and most profound growth :)

a new one *16 yearsold :

trying to find myself and proud to be who i am :)

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